Keeping Your Home Safe from Bed Bugs

Keeping Your Home Safe from Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can inhabit almost anywhere and without the right knowledge, ridding them from your home can be pretty difficult due to the resistance the bugs have to some of the pesticides used to exterminate them. The city of Chicago at the moment has been ranked three years in a row as the most bed bug ridden city in the United States, but with the right understanding of how to prevent, treat and identify them you can keep your home bed bug free.

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small, flat wingless creatures that love to hang out in bed frames, box springs mattress seams and headboards. They sometimes even hide in the cracks and crevices of walls, floors and even furniture, usually coming out at night. These insects usually are a reddish-brown color and although they don’t do any flying or jumping, they are known to crawl quickly across surfaces. Bed bugs thrive off draining the blood from animals and humans causing their bodies to swell and take on a red color. Female bed bugs are able to lay hundreds of eggs, that are literally the sizes of specs of dust, in their lifetimes. Bed bugs have to shed their skin up to 5 times before the reach maturity and before each shedding they have to consume blood, so in as little as a month they can reach adulthood and can potentially produce three or more generations of bed bugs per year.

How to get rid of them?

Although keeping your home clean can help lessen the amount of bed bugs present this doesn’t necessarily help stop the infestation. When trying to rid your home of these pests, chemical treatments are the way to go but make sure the treatments you use are safe to use in the home. Keep in mind to not treat mattresses or bedding unless the label specifically says that you may do so. You can also go a more effective route in getting rid of bed bugs by looking into something like bed bug extermination service chicago il and hiring a professional that has the experience to rid your home of these pesky insects.

How do bed bugs get in your home?

Bed bugs can find their way into your home in many different ways. When you bring things home that have been in infested areas such as furniture, luggage, purses, backpacks or any other items that have soft upholstered surfaces it is possible for this problem to occur. These pests are able to flatten their bodies to fit in tiny places, the space could even be only small enough to fit a credit card. Although they do not create nests they do tend to live in groups, typically hiding in box springs, mattresses, bed frames and even headboards where they are easily able to bite. They can travel through apartment buildings and hotel rooms, although it may seem that they only go where it’s dirty this is not the case. Bed bugs can hide out anywhere.