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What Are The Different Types Of Ketosis

There are different approaches to the ketosis diet. Some dieting options are better than others depending on how active an individual is and their experience with dieting. Although, all the variations discussed in this article will still focus on low carb, high-fat rule. There are exemptions introduced in the keto diet where people are allowed to eat carbohydrates. After reading this write up you will know what type of ketosis is ideal for you if you want to start dieting or experienced.

The best keto diet plan for beginners is Standard Ketosis Diet (SKD). Standard Ketosis Diet (SKD) is the best keto diet for people who have no experience in dieting, and they are starting. If you do not want something extreme when starting keto, start with the SKD. SKD is highly recommended to persons whose goal is to lose body fat, improve their overall health and mental stability. People with metabolic diseases such as type two diabetes and metabolic syndrome should try this diet plan to improve feel better.

The macros in a standard ketogenic diet looks as follows. In standard ketogenic diet a person should consume less than ten percent carbohydrates in a single day. Proteins have to be taken moderately. Majority of people who are not excising actively and live an inactive lifestyle will not be required to change their keto diet at all. Go for the Standard Ketosis Diet option if you have started experimenting with diets. The second type of ketosis is the Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD).

Opt for Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD) if you exercise frequently and you are not new to dieting. Majority of athletes prefer to do targeted ketogenic diet because it gives them additional fuel to grow muscles, boost their strength and generally improve their athletic performance. If you have experience in dieting you can try out targeted ketogenic diet as it is for the people in the intermediate level of dieting and fitness.

To begin your targeted ketosis diet, eat quick carbs fifteen minutes to one hour before going to exercise or compete in any athletics. Candy, Gatorade or dextrose supplements are among the carbohydrates that should be consumed in this type of diet, do not go consuming any carbohydrate you find in your way. Stay away from carbohydrates containing fructose because they will deposit in your liver, not muscles, which is not a good practice for keto. That means that when in this diet you should not eat any fruits as they have fructose.

Make sure you eat your carbs before a workout and never after your work out. Cyclical Ketosis Diet ( CKD) is the other variation of the ketosis diet. This type of ketosis is more advanced.

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