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Steps on Becoming an Alcohol and Drug Counselor

One of the career that is rewarding and in high demand is a substance abuse counselor. If you would like to become a substance counselor, you need an alcohol and drug counseling degree. For you to become a drug and alcohol counselor some steps have to be followed also. Those who would like to become substance abuse counselor have to fulfill different requirements in their state. You need to research the requirements in your state first if you want to know all the steps needed in becoming a substance abuse counselor. You need to have an associate degree first if you would like to work in this type of setting.

The local community college is the place where you obtain an associate degree. For you to see whether the program is offered there, you need to research first before you enroll in such a college. You can also choose to study the course online if you have a full time job that prevents you from attending the college. Students who have a family that needs their full attention can also select the online study. When you choose that mode of study, you will obtain the associate degree that allows you to work as a drug and alcohol counselor.

If the course is completed, you can work in a supervised clinic or facility because you will be certified. You need to have a bachelors degree or even a master’s degree for you to move up your career. You can also achieve such degrees if you choose to learn through online platform. You can work as a substance abuse counselor under direct supervision before you obtain your degree when you choose this mode of study. A hospital is the first place you should start working in if becoming a drug and alcohol counselor is what you would like to be. You can help patients who suffer from problems related to drugs and alcohol when you choose to work in a hospital. Your advice may help such patients recover from those problems. Drug and alcohol counselors help drug addictive patients live a life free of drugs.

You can also work in government facilities and schools apart from hospitals when you choose to become a drug and alcohol counselor. When you choose such facilities, you can advise students and other people to avoid using drugs and alcohol. You should create programs that motivate students on how to stop using drugs if you choose to work in schools. You can also have one on one interventions with at risk students apart from creating programs. Those who choose to work in schools also need a working experience and a bachelor degree.

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